Friday, May 20, 2011

Own goal: footy star attempts to sue Twitter over injunction breach

The football star who had a six-month fling with Big Brother celebrity Imogen Thomas has now formally taken legal action against US-based Twitter and ‘persons unknown’. This battle looks set to be long and bloody, with the UK court’s draconian defamation laws attempting to do battle with the US First Amendment. Legal experts have already warned that Twitter could simply laugh off the claims, which have infuriated the online community.

As I’ve mentioned before, the only real chance of the star securing any kind action against the anonymous posters would be to serve electronic papers to the user accounts breaching the injunction via direct message. This then leads to an IP address, which can be traced to the service provider etc.

Doubtless this attempted action will add some light relief to the other celebrities in the dock, the household name who was caught shagging a co-star, the actor who was having it off with Helen Wood and more recently the TV personality who is visits spanking establishments.

This really is a spectacular own goal by the football star, he is now drawing even more attention to himself and the Imogen case than ever before. Go on Imogen, speak out.

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