Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why Occupy London Need some Workfare Experience

For months on end tourists, workers and visitors who travel through our great city have been stifled by the shambolic mess that is Occupy London. Although positioned as a ‘legitimate protest’ the placard waving anti-capitalist mob soon transformed into a squatters paradise peppered with syringes and junkies whose only purpose on the planet appears to be find a reason – any reason – not to work.

As they preach against the evils of capitalism whilst sipping on a Starbucks latte, the reality of their hypocrisy is crystal clear. For these passionate speeches are simply a smokescreen used to justify lazing around in a tent for half a year and sipping lager at the expense of the rest of us.

In this country we have a right to peaceful protest – and long may this continue. But the squatters who have camped out at St Pauls for the last few months are anything but.

What they could do with is a solid dose of work experience to get them into shape. Once they’ve rolled up their sleeves and done a hard day’s work, then they won’t have time to mess around for months on end.

With work experience placements open in many of the UK’s biggest employers, it’s time for those misguided ‘protesters’ to turn over a new leaf and choose Workfare over welfare.

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  1. Busy lot weren't they? Coffee, then lager...a few hits from a bong...and rioting (if you say they weren't peaceful). Have to admit wasn't what I saw, even though i agree that they should have been moved on a long time ago and St Paul's will be better for their removal